Outstanding advertising is the only way to go, in light of the endless clutter consumers deal with every day. Making your story stand out and ensuring your product is the one that gets people clicking is all that matters. Chris McDonough Design will find your company's essence, extract the core message, and see it gets through. The best ads are not only smart… they work.

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Branding and identity are not things to take lightly. Buying a cheap clip art logo because it's pretty is fraught with peril. Your brand, and the way your customers engage with it, is a matter than starts with clarity and consistency. Chris McDonough Design consolidates what's key, and ensures your branding bespeaks who you are and what you're about. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter trademarks.


In an age of countless stock photos in a myriad of locations, illustrations custom tailored to your needs are the way to stand out. Be it cartoons, illustrations, or photo composites, creativity  blossoms with Chris McDonough Design. You deserve imagery that is one-of-a-kind. Stop paying someone to search for images that still don't hit the mark.